BBC/Netflix/Hulu not working

Unfortunately, Netflix, Hulu, BBC and other streaming services have implemented algorithms that actively detect and block VPN traffic as a result of the pressure on them by content producers. At this time, there is not much we can do except let you know that we are always adding new IPs to our servers so that users are less likely to get connected to the blocked IPs.

If you'd like to try, you can disconnect from your current location, wait a minute and reconnect to the same or different server. In most cases, this should give you a different IP than last time and the new IP could work with the video streaming site. There are also city-specific servers available for many locations in the desktop app. You can find these by clicking the drop-down arrow next to any of the locations in the server list. Try some different servers if they are available in your location and see if any of them can connect properly.

There is no guarantee these suggestions will work, but we will try our best to figure out a better solution to getting around the VPN blocks.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your support.