Quickly Created Unlimited Amount of Secure Links

You can generate a single link at a time using the browser extension or the generator on the website, however that may not be best if you need to generate hundreds or thousands of links, or do this on the fly.

You can instantly create a from ANY url, in real time. See the example below to learn how. You can find your user id and secret in My Account.

Any generated links will count towards the Affiliate Program.

PHP Example

        $url = "FULL_URL";
        $user_id = "YOUR_USER_ID";
        $secret = "YOUR_SECRET";
        $signature = md5($url . $user_id . $secret);
        $uri = base64_encode($url . "::" . $user_id . "::" . $signature);
        $secure_link = "" . $uri;
        echo $secure_link;

If you have any issues, send us a Support Ticket and we'll be glad to help you out.