Asus Router Setup Guide

Want to setup Windscribe on your Asus router? No problem.

Step 1

Get OpenVPN Config file and credentials (requires a pro account).

Step 2

Login into your router, and click the "VPN" tab.

Step 3

At the top, go to the "VPN Client" tab

Step 4

Click "Add profile" button and choose "OpenVPN" tab.

Fill out the fields as follows:

Description: Name of the profile

Username: Username from Step 1. This will be different from your Windscribe username.

Password: Password from Step 1. This will be different from your Windscribe password.

Import .ovpn file: Choose the file you downloaded in Step 1

Click "Upload" and then "OK"

Step 5

Your screen should look like this

Step 6

Go to the "WAN" tab, and select NO for "Connect to DNS server automatically"

Set the 2 fields as follows:

DNS Server 1

DNS Server 1

Click "Apply" at the bottom

Step 7

Go to back to the "VPN" tab, and click on "VPN Client" tab.

Click "Activate" next to the profile you just created.

After a few seconds, you screen should look like this. You are all set up!

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