Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs usually involve hawking stuff that people don't need. What's different about Windscribe is that increased global surveillance of ordinary citizens makes it an indispensable product for today's Internet user.

How to Start

Go into the My Account section on our website, and select the Affiliate Program tab. There you will find your referral links + stats.

How much do I get paid & when?


Of what a referred user spends


If they sign up for a month


If they sign up for a year*

Balances are paid every 30 days with Bitcoin. Rebilling revshare is available on case-by-case basis and requires you to keep promoting Windscribe. Yearly revshare fluctuates based on the sales price.

The Rules


Don't Spam Spamming of any kind if prohibited. This includes but not limited to email, forums, Reddit.


Disclose Relationship Prominently disclose your relationship with Windscribe and the fact that you are being compensated for the review, shout-out, blog post, etc.


Don't BS Be as honest as possible in your promotional material. Do not exaggerate what Windscribe can and cannot do. Respect the copyright laws and don't use other companies' brands in your promotional material.

Google Adwords click-jacking for "Windscribe" keywords is strictly prohibited.

Breaking any of the above rules will result in account termination and nullification of earnings.

Only applicable for plans purchased directly on our website (no resellers). Those who abuse the system will be tarred and feathered.

Join the Affiliate Program

All you need is a Windscribe account

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