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Affiliate programs usually involve hawking stuff that people don't need. What's different about Windscribe is that increased global surveillance of ordinary citizens makes it an indispensable product for today's Internet user.

2 Ways to Earn & Promote


Generate Secure Links that can link to absolutely anything. If anyone signs up along the way, you get paid.

Here is an example of a


Traditional affiliate urls that link to our website.

3 Ways to generate a


Using the browser extension, on any page that you are on, right-click and select "Copy". Share the link with anyone, and that's it.


Generate a from our website, if you don't have the extension installed.


Auto-Generate Links with a bit of code to create links on the fly.

How much do I get paid & when?


Of what a referred user spends


If they sign up for a month


If they sign up for a year

Balances are paid every 30 days with Bitcoin.

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