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Will Windscribe protect me from Hackers?

No, not really. Windscribe will likely not protect you from targeted hacking. If a hacker really wants to gain access to your system, they will have access to many different ways to do so, most of which can't be protected by a VPN.

Windscribe employs the best encryption out there. Windscribe will not, however, protect you from your own erroneous actions such as if you download insecure or questionable software or clicking on phishing links or attachments sent to your email from people you do not know. Nor will it protect you from targeted hacking or social media links you click from people you don't know or actions you follow from random social media get rich quick schemes.

Put simply, the security a VPN offers you is based on encryption (which most sites will offer already) and a change in IP address. Masking your IP address is a good way to prevent someone from immediately finding your system/network so it offers a bit of protection that way.

We do also add an additional layer of security on public networks with our Firewall by blocking connections from devices on the same network (a method of accessing your system that can sometimes be used by hackers).

But ultimately, the amount of ways to hack a person far outweigh the protection a VPN offers you. In many cases, people are simply just tricked into handing out details or clicking a link/downloading a file that you shouldn't. In cases like that where you are deciding to open your door to a hacker unknowingly, no amount of protection will really help. At that point, you should follow common sense and intuition. Will some relative who never emails you really suddenly send you a request for help and an attached .exe file? Does some website really want to give you $10,000 for no reason whatsoever if you just click this one link and download their app? Probably not.

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