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What is the WStunnel protocol?

The WStunnel protocol is another VPN protocol offered by Windscribe. It is available for the MacOS and Windows desktop clients only. This protocol is very similar to Stealth but has its own nuances. For instance, Stealth is an OpenVPN connection wrapped around a layer of SSL. However, WStunnel is an OpenVPN connection over web sockets.

Typically, this protocol should only be used when residing in regions that contain internet censorship e.g. China, Russia, Iran, etc. It should also only be used when using restrictive backbone network such as a public WiFi zones and or corporate networks. To use this protocol, please perform thee following:

  • Open the Windscribe app and ensure you are disconnected
  • Tap on the Preferences menu button in the top-left and go to Connection
  • Switch the Connection Mode to Manual and select the WStunnel protocol
  • Select port 443 
  • Connect to a location
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