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What is ScribeForce?

Windscribe offers ScribeForce team accounts that allow you to conveniently manage a group of accounts for your team. Team accounts actually come with a few benefits over the regular Pro accounts:

It's Cheaper - ScribeForce accounts are only $3 per seat, per month making them 3 times cheaper than our regular individual accounts. (Minimum purchase of 5 seats).

Centralized Billing - One monthly payment will cover all your team's accounts with dynamic plan editing so you only have to pay for the seats on the days of the month that you have them

Easy Team Management - Generate user accounts and manage them all from a single page.

Same Pro Protection - A managed ScribeForce account is the same as any Windscribe Pro account. Use all the features, on all devices.

Shared Static IPs - If a Static IP is purchased on the leader account, all the managed accounts get access to the same static IP as well.

You will need one account to lead the ScribeForce team, it will manage all the team accounts and handle the billing. When making the purchase for ScribeForce, you will be paying for vacant seats. We currently only accept credit cards for ScribeForce payments and a minimum of 5 seats is required for a team. These seats will then be occupied by your team members' accounts. All the team accounts created and managed by the team lead are standard Pro Windscribe accounts. A maximum of 500 seats is currently allowed per ScribeForce team.

You can read our full article regarding this plan here: https://blog.windscribe.com/may-the-scribeforce-be-with-you-682726768bd8

To make the purchase for ScribeForce, you can visit this page: https://windscribe.com/scribeforce

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