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My paid plan is ending soon, can I renew it earlier/now?

Active paid subscriptions cannot be renewed earlier than the date they are set to auto-renew on. However, you can stack plans upon each other. For this you would need to cancel your subscription from your 'My Account' page, and then purchase a new subscription. Cancelling a subscription still lets you have access to it until it expires. We don't allow early renewals though, as this can cause a mismatch between the plan expiry and the rebill date. We recommend cancelling your plan, waiting until it expires and then purchasing the new plan.

For example, let's say you have a monthly paid plan that renews on the 5th of every month. If you cancel your subscription on the 1st of the month and purchase a new monthly subscription right away, you will have the remaining 4 days from your cancelled subscription added to the end of the new monthly subscription you just purchased. This will move your billing date forward by 4 days, as it will be the same day of the month as when you made your most recent payment.

In this case, your plan re-bill date will always be 4 days ahead of the expiry date. This is why we advise you to wait until your plan expires, that way both the expiry and the re-bill dates are matching.

Visually presented with dates, it looks like this:

Garry starts a monthly subscription on Oct 5
- Starts on Oct 5
- Renews on Nov 5

Garry cancels the subscription on Nov 1
- Expiry date is now Nov 5

Garry changes his mind, and starts a new monthly subscription on Nov 1
- Starts on Nov 1
- Renews on Dec 1
- Expires on Dec 5 (if cancelled)

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