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How many servers does Windscribe have?

There's no concrete number we can really give here because the amount of servers fluctuates as we get more servers where we see demand and remove others that aren't performing at the level we'd like. But here are some numbers to save you the counting.

Currently we offer servers in 69 different countries worldwide, 10 of which are accessible to Free users. You can see the full list by scrolling down on this page.

This doesn't mean that we only have 69 servers though, far from it. We typically host servers at multiple datacenters in each country. For example within Italy, we offer 3 separate locations to connect to, a couple in Milan and one in Rome. However, this still doesn't mean that we only have 3 servers in Italy, we have 3 locations in Italy. Each of those locations is a datacenter with multiple servers, and each server has multiple IPs that can be used for the VPN.

Some countries, depending on population and demand, have quite a few more locations than others. The US for example, has 45, Canada has 9, and the UK has 6. Our network team is always hard at work to ensure that we have enough hardware and bandwidth to handle ongoing demand, as well as any spikes in demand and/or traffic. 

If you're still curious, this type of infrastructure means we have hundreds of servers in dozens of countries and thousands of IPs for our users to use while connected.

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