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How does Windscribe protect me?

Before understanding how Windscribe can protect you, it's important to first know what exactly we can protect you from. When your device is connected to the internet, all your online activity goes through at least one router/access point and an Internet Service Provider that facilitates the connection. As you can see, this is already two places where your data can be intercepted, monitored, logged and potentially sold. Most internet providers are required by law to store at least 6 months of all your online activity.

On top of that, the majority of the websites you visit have trackers that fingerprint your connection and monitor your actions. They track what you click, how long you look at things on the page, sometimes even recording your every move. It's entirely possible and happens often.

Some people aren't too concerned about that from a privacy aspect as they "have nothing to hide", but even then consider that trackers make up 50-75% of the data loaded from a website. With these trackers, the pages load slower and you're using more data. The data the site gets from you almost always gets sold for profit.

So how can Windscribe help? Well, this is our bread and butter as the tools we built will eliminate almost all these concerns.

First off, we offer our VPN which will take your device's entire internet connection, secure it with the highest grade encryption, and send it through our VPN servers. Just with this VPN connection, you can eliminate monitoring from network administrators, internet providers and potential hackers on the same network. No matter what you're doing online, all they would be able to see if that you're communicating with Windscribe. Your IP address also changes when you connect to the VPN. Now, whenever you visit a website, they don't see your personal IP address, they see the VPN IP address which reduces their ability to track you.

Then to further protect you, all our VPN servers also employ something we call R.O.B.E.R.T., a tool with which we preemptively block domains before the data even gets to you. If a website wants to use tracking links, they will never even load. R.O.B.E.R.T. also protects you from millions of malware domains and even blocks ads before they reach your device.

Finally, if all that wasn't enough, we also offer a browser extension that will remove ads from pages, delete your cookies automatically and can even spoof the browser you're using all of which reduce the website's ability to track you even further. 

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