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Does Windscribe work in China and other restricted countries?

The answer is not really straight forward. Lots of factors go into VPN blocking so in actuality, while Windscribe might work for some people in a restricted country, other people might not be able to use it.

Although, keep in mind that these countries actively block VPN access so not all the protocols are going to be working due to their restrictions. A few protocols to keep in mind if you are in China or any of these countries are:

  • Stealth: Encapsulates OpenVPN in a TLS tunnel via Stunnel.

  • Wstunnel: Encapsulates OpenVPN in a WebSocket.

And as always, things change all the time and the best is to adapt, so if a protocol does not work, please use another one. The best protocol is the protocol that works at that time. Make sure you also try connecting to multiple servers as one server might not work but others can. 

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