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Generous free plans are available for those on a budget.

We offer an actually free plan - no throttling, no gotchas, no strings attached.

10 GB Free Data

With a confirmed email, we give all free users 10 GB free data.

Unlimited Connections

We don’t limit connections even for our free users - use Windscribe on as many personal devices as you like!

All App Features

Our apps are the exact same for our free and paid users. You won’t run into any paywalled features.

Servers in 10 Countries

Get access to server locations in 10 countries including Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Emails Optional

If you don’t provide an email when you sign up, we’ll still give you 2 GB of data every month.

Affordable Plans

If 10 GB of data is not enough, you can upgrade to Unlimited Data for as little as $3/month.

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By the way

Get an extra 5 GB free data just by posting on X (formerly Twitter). Just log into your account, visit this page and follow the instructions for the tweet!


Remember, the VPN we provide needs an existing internet connection to work. We do not provide data, we simply encrypt and reroute your existing internet connection through our secure VPN servers.

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